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Church, Place Of Worship, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Turentigue St, Morong, Rizal, Philippines
Coordinate: 14.5141591, 121.2376674
Rating: 4.80
Phone: +63 2 653 1259
Joy Atilano Lagac (03/05/2017 06:30)
Very beautiful church built during the Spanish era and designed by a resident of Paete.

Bernardo Arellano III (07/03/2017 20:08)
Perhaps one of the most unique Spanish colonial era churches in Rizal Province. It's a must visit for those who are planning to have a Laguna de Baí visita iglesia.

Victorio Ong (16/04/2017 18:39)
A modern interior under an old style, historical facade.

edgar santos (07/09/2016 05:16)
The church is an old Spanish Type Building, it was so well preserved that you would like to visit it every year. This is amazing structure that stands until now.

Mario Ferdinand Padua (15/04/2017 06:34)
Quiet place to pray.

Marlowe Chica (03/08/2017 12:08)
Very distinctive facade, reliefs are beautifully crafted

Mariela Destacamento (05/01/2018 11:32)
Old but gold, I must say. The exterior shows the design of its era. Inside, you would see old paintings everywhere on the walls. Most of the interior look renovated already. We had ocular for my aunt and uncle's silver anniversary and I am impressed with the looooooong aisle. It would be really greats to see my aunt walking along that aisle. There was a separate room where the stone images are housed. Beside that is the old structure of the church which is barely lit. You can peek into it from the windows outside.

Rhomheo Jr. Gumahad (17/12/2017 14:00)
Im so very amazed 😊😉