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Jesi Mendez Salon

Cavite, Philippines
Place Type:
Hair Care, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Ayala Mall Serin, Tagaytay Nasugbo Road, Crossing Silang East, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, Philippines
Coordinate: 14.112561, 120.95878
Rating: 4.00
Phone: +63 46 544 0307
Anna Marie Untalan (25/05/2017 15:40)
Let me express my gratitude to JC, Meg, Crystal and Giselle for a great service. They took very good care of my hair.

Christelle Reyes (25/05/2017 23:02)
Horrid. I asked for a balayage and a cut. I had a balayage before hand and was done amazingly by a JUNIOR hairstylist in Canada. I then asked for one in this salon when I was visiting. They said it would only take 1-2 hours and that it would approximately cost me at least 4000php.. i was expecting 6000php at most.. i asked for an ash gray colour..

my hair had already been bleached once, so it would be easier for them to acquire the colour I asked for.. the guy doing my hair suggested I get bleached first then a cut.. then I said it wouldn't make sense cuz you'd be using more bleach and it would cost MORE. So I asked for a cut first then bleach it. So he did what I asked him. As he was starting to bleach my hair, I noticed him talking in a different dialect, asking what type of bleach he needs to use for s balayage... How to do it.. etc. I then got worried.. he came back with the bleach and started applying it to my hair.

Listen folks, if you are doing a balayage, you're not supposed to apply the bleach entirely to the hair. You're supposed to tease the hair first then apply the bleach to the remaining strands.

I didn't say a word as I thought they had their own technique in this location. I trusted the man's "ability" to colour my hair like the picture I showed him. As I finished after almost SIX hours, they charge my mother 10,000php. The hair looked like a nice ash gray HAIR. It didn't turn out as a balayage. I was upset, but I had an important dinner to catch so I left.

One week later, my hair is NOT GRAY. Its yellow with a TINY bit of gray strands at the bottom. It is NOT a balayage. Its 4 different random colours. I will be getting my hair redone by someone who actually knows how to do a balayage.

Lynds Gabuat (25/03/2017 09:28)
Such a nice salon. Thank you for the great barbering service

Ian Bryan (09/09/2016 14:12)
JC and the team here are fantastic professionals. They listen and take care. 10 stars!