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Bus Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Coordinate: 10.2976348, 123.8934907
Rating: 3.50
Phone: +63 32 253 3830 cebu-south-bus-terminal-bus-schedules/
Arnold Fritz Caballo (29/05/2017 01:38)
Very warm, dirty and smelly. I recommend not to come very early to stay and wait for your trip. Renovations are always ongoing for quite sometime now with signages that are less visible making commuters confused.

LES REYES (16/03/2017 13:46)
They're starting to get things organized by setting up waiting areas with chairs. But it's hot especially during sunny afternoon. Try to leave early. Finally, they have free strong wifi connection. Download your favorite movies before hitting the road.

Cesar Paniamogan, Jr. (24/04/2017 09:27)
It needs improvements. Other smaller cities have newer and better bus terminals.

benjamin jr patubo (19/03/2017 10:51)
Bus conductor asking additional 20 pesos fare for a small box weighing less than 10kls. For taxes hehehe

Bryan Rabaya (15/11/2016 07:54)
Efficient... no need to look like a world class one .. you can easily find where to ride. and the dispatchers are very eager to point you the right bus.

David L (18/09/2017 08:59)
It is air conditioned but only certain areas are comfortable and others being warm to hot. No schedules were posted and it seemed as if buses come and go at the mercy of traffic. It is also a bit difficult to determine where in the station to catch a bus headed to your destination. Bus ticket to Moalboal cost 110 for no air con and 130 for air con. I recommend the air con bus as it could take up to 4 hours to get there

David Ybañez (21/10/2017 19:06)
The most inefficient bus terminal in the whole world. Tenants aren't helpful. The queuing system is chaotic. The place is untidy. Please do something about this whoever is in-charge.

Desmond Hui (16/07/2017 15:19)
Bus station serving routes going to the South. Looked not very well organized. Better ask the uniform staff for information. For Oslob air con bus, go to gate no. 8.

Wes Abram (02/11/2017 12:52)
This is not the correct location. The terminal here has been closed for a while. Make sure you are going to the right location.

Mila Rose Robles (29/09/2017 20:04)
Becareful to watch over your things when riding a bus or waiting at the terminal. Look for the right bus on which you are heading to.

Zzzz Zzzz (13/02/2018 15:10)
The securities are not accommodating the’re radio are not useful since they’re not able to contact from one security to another. The’re like a traffic informerser . Based on my experienced I forgot to pick-up my bag on the back side of the Uber and I approached one guard assigned in Oslob or bato Ceres area but he just ask me to go on the taxi terminal area not minding the rain eventhough I him to contact the guard assigned near the gate.

Tyler Young (27/01/2018 17:23)
TV screens with schedule and gates clearly marked. Minus one star for confusing entrances to the station.