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Thai Boran

Cebu, Philippines
Place Type:
Spa, Point Of Interest, Establishment
WEE, 6000, Gorordo Ave, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Coordinate: 10.3194579, 123.8993
Rating: 3.60
Phone: +63 32 236 1877 Thai-Boran-Massage-Philippines-183515481667540
Love Malazarte-Labnao (15/03/2018 08:31)
The spa smells good and the therapists are good.

Carina Jubay-Dagandan (11/02/2018 16:20)
Rooms are big but service is not that good. Masseurs are seen on their mobile phones in the waiting area

Jhon Christian Ambrad (28/08/2017 15:43)
The one assigned to me thought i was Korean and started cursing. He apologized later on. Nice ambience tho

이태웅 (03/02/2017 16:11)
매장이 좀 으슥한 편이다. 가족들과 갔는데 너무 사람이 없어서 탈나는거 아닌가 생각했을정도.. 그래도 저렴하니 좋았다. 나중에 한버 더 감.

Moris Moon (16/12/2016 14:45)
낮 12시부터 한다. 괜찮음. 2시간 400페소