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Natural Feature, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Barangay Barobos, Carles, 5019 Iloilo, Philippines
Coordinate: 11.5625313, 123.1204413
Rating: 3.00
Phone: +63 33 396 2081
Shangrila Beach Resort Shangrila Beach Resort
Facebook Page: Carles-Shangri-La-Family-Resort-Iloilo-269123806956/ ( 1.7K people like this. )
About Shangrila Beach Resort:

contact number: +63 33 3962081 | email: twitter: @CarlesShangriLa

argie omandam (04/11/2017 10:00)

David Eaton (01/01/2017 19:27)
The din from the mindless thump thump thump is enough to drive any sane person totally mad, excessive loud and frankly inconsiderate to people in the area,