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Cemetery, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines
Coordinate: 17.0817976, 120.9058867
Rating: 4.40
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MAKOTO M (31/01/2018 19:08)
Just a little hike!!
Very popular sightseeing spot in Sagada.

mahendhar srisailam (30/12/2017 14:36)
Coffins are being hanged from 1960's and includes mostly of old people. It is located in the echo valley which is a 2 min walk from town and has hell lot of steps to climb..

Kryss Pana (29/12/2017 01:50)
nice short hike going the area. there are several spots where you allowed to take pictures.

Joshua (02/10/2017 22:06)
Absolute must see! Short, easy hike down.

Jean Beltran (07/09/2017 22:17)
The history and the ritual will awe you. It maybe a bit tiring trekking down towards the area but it's worth it. I only had a problem with the way our tour guide speaks, I was not able to understand him completely but nonetheless, he showed us some other coffins laden in those caves along the path.

It's just a bit weird and scary to have a cemetery as a tourist spot. If you are afraid of bones and such, you might reconsider checking this. You'll definitely see bones in the cave coffins!